I see you there. You may as well come out. I don't remember saying you were welcome here, do you? Don't answer that. I know what you'll say. A bit of deciet never hurt anyone, did it? I am ThunderMoon, the very first leader of the ThunderPack. If you want to join us, you're very welcome here, and we will give you a chance to prove your loyalty. If you want to fight, it's a different story. And let me warn you that if you're caught taking prey from here before you've joined us, my fighters know they've got automatic permission to rip you to shreds. Still feel welcome? If you do, we'd be happy for you to join us. Let me introduce you to the ThunderPack...

The ThunderPackEdit

The ThunderPack are almost guaranteed to win the Mountain first, although it will not be without effort. The ThunderPack is the Pack of power and strength. We are determined and feirce about defending our territory, and it makes no difference to us whether you are leader of a Pack or a lone wolf pup; our fighters an still attack if they need to. If the need arises to kill, we are not bothered wether our victims die slowly and painfully, or instantly. We just want them gone, so what does it matter? However, we are not all just killers. We do whatever we have to do to reach the Mountain, and no more. Whether the path ahead is welcoming or full of obstacles, with the right attitude we can deal with it.

ThunderPack NewsEdit

New fighters:

New prey-catchers:

New litters:

New learners:

New leaders: ThunderMoon (RPed by Nobody Yet)

New helpers:

New healers:

Most recent victory:

Other news:


ThunderPack Members

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