The Territories
Red: Taken territories

Black: Rock formations e.g. caves and canyons

Blue: Lakes and rivers

The Pack TerritoriesEdit

The six wolf Packs live at the foot of an enormous mountain, the peak rising up into the clouds. They all have their own territories, but they believe that the StarPack, their wise ancestors, will give one Pack a gift of eternal luck if they keep the Mountain as their territory for a certain amount of time. However, there is always the threat of lone wolves creating their own Pack, and there could soon be more than six Packs in search of glory. There are always those that are too power-hungry for their own good...

Map 17th April

Spare TerritoriesEdit

There are many spare territories, and this worries the wolves of the six original Packs. There are many lone wolves lurking in the woods, and they can take it into their heads at any time to create their own Pack, with no one able to stop them. These Packs could rise up, and become great threats to the original Packs, who are desperate for victory for themselves.

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