The Mountain
The Mountain; an enormous mountain in the heart of the wolf world. Located in the dead centre of the forest- and further afield, the No-Tail territories- it's no surprise that the Mountain is the cause of many battles over its snowy peaks.

The MountainEdit

There are many rock formations, canyons and caves located throughout the territories, but the Mountain is by far the biggest and the best. It towers above endless woodland and No-Tail territories. It is said that any wolf who stands on the highest peak can see the whole world, although some argue that it is just a myth. However, it's no secret that you can see a very long way, all the way to the sea, hundreds of miles from the Mountain.

Mountain BattlesEdit

The Mountain is surrounded by so many stories and legends, it's no wonder that frequent battles are fought to gain its snowy peaks as a Pack's own territory. The wolves have been fighting over it for more moons than anyone cares to count. Currently, no Pack owns the Mountain.

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