Greetings. I am StormMoon, original leader of the StormPack. I would just like you to know that we are not cowards, merely the type to stay out of trouble. There is no point in starting unnessecary battles, is there? It is only natural for us to be jumpy and nervous of others. The other Packs, like us, will do anything to get their paws on the Mountain, so caution is the key. I assume you want to join our Pack, yes? Well, we need to know if you can be trusted, and it's my job to make that desicion. Let me show you around, and I'll think about it..

The StormPackEdit

The other Packs see us as cowards. We will fight if we need to, and are not afraid. We just don't fight pointless battles. All our members would willingly die for the Pack. We are simply cautious and careful, and that is the quality that's going to help us reach the Mountain.

StormPack NewsEdit

New fighters:

New prey-catchers:

New litters:

New learners:

New leaders: StormMoon (RPed by Nobody Yet)

New helpers:

New healers:

Most recent victory:

Other news:


StormPack Members

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